Photo of the Runhouse team, from left to right: Donny, Caroline, and Josh

Making infra fun and friendly

Programming should be more fun when you have powerful compute and data tools at your disposal, not less. Our mission is to let your code command your infra, rather than let your infra command your code. We let you and your team program, share, and observe your infra from anywhere.

Built by ML DevX maniacs

Donny headshot

Donny Greenberg

CEO and Chief Housekeeper 🧹
Josh headshot

Josh Lewittes

CTO and Chief Contractor 👷‍♂️
Caroline headshot

Caroline Chen

Founding Engineer and Chief Gardener 👩‍🌾
Photo of Sasha

Sasha Belousov

Software Engineer and Interior Designer 👩🏻‍🎨
Photo of Rohin

Rohin Bhasin

Software Engineer and Electrician ⚡️
Photo of Matt

Matt Kandler

Software Engineer and House Painter 🎨

Early API Love ❤️

What some of our early adopters are saying about Runhouse

Runhouse feels like the next step in ML design: it eliminates hardware dependency and simplifies collaboration, directly from the runtime. ML development feels like it shouldn't require painful infrastructure setups, and Runhouse enables just that.

Lysandre Debut

Head of Open Source, Hugging Face
Runhouse streamlines my personal and open-source machine learning projects by providing powerful APIs to span various environments. I’m excited about using it at VMware as a unified interface into our multi-GPU clusters to improve collaboration and allow ML engineers and researchers to focus on innovation and model advancements.

Darien Schettler

2x Kaggle Grandmaster and Staff MLE, VMWare

Become our housemate

We’re a small team of DevX maniacs opportunistically hiring more.

We build interfaces into compute and data infra that users can't unsee (why is there no Google Drive for cloud resources?).

We value people who are most excited about delivering product in the holistic sense, far beyond the code proper: user outreach, docs, tutorials, Q&A, marketing, DevRel, testing, automation, etc. Right now we all do everything, and that keeps information loops super tight.

Experience building OSS, a trained eye for Python code quality, and cloud infrastructure or devops scars get us excited, but what gets us most excited are strong opinions about our product, code, or GTM.

If you prefer in-person teams, we’re currently based in NYC🗽 and Tel Aviv🌴, and if you don’t, you can work wherever.

Open positions

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If you feel like you're the right fit for a role, please get in touch by emailing us at

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