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We did way too much - I Think You Should Leave

Runhouse 0.0.12: rh.Module, Streaming, and too much more

Buckle up, this is less a release blog post and more a wild ride through the Infra API Wonka Factory (prepare to see some shit, Charlie). We’ll talk through the innocent motivations which turned into upending half of Runhouse’s core execution model, and the gaggle of awesome new features which fell out.

An image of a woman running in a field, overlayed by the text ".to('cuda')" with the word "cuda" crossed out and replaced with "anywhere"

A PyTorch Approach to ML Infrastructure

Platform overhead occupies 50-75% of ML engineers’ and researchers’ time. Runhouse is a PyTorch-like unified interface to solve that.

Supercharging Airflow with Runhouse

Part 1 of a series on pipelines for the modern ML stack

Getting past the AI hackathon cold start problem — Remote cluster auto-setup using Runhouse

Reproducible, cloud-agnostic GPU setup and remote code deployment using Runhouse, a walkthrough of Hugging Face’s Keras Dreambooth Event