Source code for runhouse.main

import shlex
import subprocess
import webbrowser
from typing import Optional

import typer
from rich.console import Console

import runhouse.rns.login

from runhouse import __version__, cluster, configs

# create an explicit Typer application
app = typer.Typer(add_completion=False)
state = {"verbose": False}

# For printing with typer
console = Console()

[docs]@app.command() def login( token: Optional[str] = typer.Argument(None, help="Your Runhouse API token"), yes: Optional[bool] = typer.Option( False, "--yes", "-y", help="Sets any confirmations to 'yes' automatically." ), ): """Login to Runhouse. Validates token provided, with options to upload or download stored secrets or config between local environment and Runhouse / Vault. """ valid_token: str = ( runhouse.rns.login.login( token=token, download_config=True, upload_config=True, download_secrets=True, upload_secrets=True, ) if yes else runhouse.rns.login.login(token=token, interactive=True, ret_token=True) ) if valid_token:"{configs.get('dashboard_url')}/dashboard?token={valid_token}") raise typer.Exit() else: raise typer.Exit(code=1)
[docs]@app.command() def logout(): """Logout of Runhouse. Provides options to delete locally configured secrets and local Runhouse configs""" runhouse.rns.login.logout(interactive=True) raise typer.Exit()
[docs]@app.command() def notebook( cluster_name: str, up: bool = typer.Option(False, help="Start the cluster") ): """Open a Jupyter notebook on a cluster.""" c = cluster(name=cluster_name) if up: c.up_if_not() if not c.is_up(): console.print( f"Cluster {cluster_name} is not up. Please run `runhouse notebook {cluster_name} --up`." ) raise typer.Exit(1) c.notebook()
[docs]@app.command() def ssh(cluster_name: str, up: bool = typer.Option(False, help="Start the cluster")): """SSH into a cluster created elsewhere (so `ssh cluster` doesn't work out of the box) or not yet up.""" c = cluster(name=cluster_name) if up: c.up_if_not() if not c.is_up(): console.print( f"Cluster {cluster_name} is not up. Please run `runhouse ssh {cluster_name} --up`." ) raise typer.Exit(1) c.ssh()
def load_cluster(cluster_name: str): """Load a cluster from RNS into the local environment, e.g. to be able to ssh.""" c = cluster(name=cluster_name) if not c.address: c._update_from_sky_status(dryrun=True) def _start_server(restart, restart_ray, screen, create_logfile=True): from runhouse.resources.hardware.cluster import Cluster cmds = Cluster._start_server_cmds( restart=restart, restart_ray=restart_ray, screen=screen, create_logfile=create_logfile, ) try: # We do these one by one so it's more obvious where the error is if there is one for cmd in cmds: console.print(f"Executing `{cmd}`") result =, text=True) # We don't want to raise an error if the server kill fails, as it may simply not be running if result.returncode != 0 and "pkill" not in cmd: console.print(f"Error while executing `{cmd}`") raise typer.Exit(1) except FileNotFoundError: console.print( "python3 command was not found. Make sure you have python3 installed." ) raise typer.Exit(1) @app.command() def start( restart_ray: bool = typer.Option(False, help="Restart the Ray runtime"), screen: bool = typer.Option(False, help="Start the server in a screen"), ): """Start the HTTP server on the cluster.""" _start_server( restart=False, restart_ray=restart_ray, screen=screen, create_logfile=True ) @app.command() def restart( name: str = typer.Option(None, help="A *saved* remote cluster object to restart."), restart_ray: bool = typer.Option(True, help="Restart the Ray runtime"), screen: bool = typer.Option( True, help="Start the server in a screen. Only relevant when restarting locally.", ), resync_rh: bool = typer.Option( False, help="Resync the Runhouse package. Only relevant when restarting remotely.", ), ): """Restart the HTTP server on the cluster.""" if name: c = cluster(name=name) c.restart_server(resync_rh=resync_rh, restart_ray=restart_ray) return _start_server( restart=True, restart_ray=restart_ray, screen=screen, create_logfile=True, ) @app.callback() def main(verbose: bool = False): """ Runhouse CLI """ if verbose: name = "runhouse" console.print(f"{name}=={__version__}", style="bold green") state["verbose"] = True