Command Line Interface

Runhouse provides CLI commands for logging in/out, and for basic interaction with the cluster.

The commands can be run like follows:

$ runhouse login $ runhouse ssh cluster_name
runhouse.main.login(token: str | None = <typer.models.ArgumentInfo object>, yes: bool | None = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>)[source]

Login to Runhouse. Validates token provided, with options to upload or download stored secrets or config between local environment and Runhouse / Vault.


Logout of Runhouse. Provides options to delete locally configured secrets and local Runhouse configs

runhouse.main.notebook(cluster_name: str, up: bool = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>)[source]

Open a Jupyter notebook on a cluster.

runhouse.main.ssh(cluster_name: str, up: bool = <typer.models.OptionInfo object>)[source]

SSH into a cluster created elsewhere (so ssh cluster doesn’t work out of the box) or not yet up.