Functions for logging in and out of your Runhouse account.

runhouse.login(token: str | None = None, download_config: bool | None = None, upload_config: bool | None = None, download_secrets: bool | None = None, upload_secrets: bool | None = None, ret_token: bool = False, interactive: bool | None = None, from_cli: bool = False, sync_secrets: bool = False)[source]

Login to Runhouse. Validates token provided, with options to upload or download stored secrets or config between local environment and Runhouse / Vault.

  • token (str) – Runhouse token, can be found at https://www.run.house/account#token. If not provided, function will interactively prompt for the token to be entered manually.

  • download_config (bool) – Whether to download configs from your Runhouse account to local environment.

  • upload_config (bool) – Whether to upload local configs into your Runhouse account.

  • download_secrets (bool) – Whether to download secrets from your Runhouse account to local environment.

  • upload_secrets (bool) – Whether to upload local secrets to your Runhouse account.

  • ret_token (bool) – Whether to return your Runhouse token. (Default: False)

  • interactive (bool) – Whether to interactively go through the login flow. token must be provided to set this to False.


Token if ret_token is set to True, otherwise nothing.

runhouse.logout(delete_loaded_secrets: bool | None = None, delete_rh_config_file: bool | None = None, interactive: bool | None = None)[source]

Logout from Runhouse. Provides option to delete credentials from the Runhouse config and the underlying credentials file. Token is also deleted from the config.

  • delete_loaded_secrets (bool, optional) – If True, deletes the provider credentials file. Defaults to None.

  • delete_rh_config_file (bool, optional) – If True, deletes the rh config file. Defaults to None.

  • interactive (bool, optional) – If True, runs the logout process in interactive mode. Defaults to None.