Security and Authentication

By default, Runhouse collects metadata from provisioned clusters and data relating to performance and error monitoring. This data will only be used by Runhouse to improve the product.

Cluster Metadata Collection

We collect non-sensitive data on the cluster that helps us understand how Runhouse is being used. This data includes:

  • Python version

  • Resources (cpus, gpus, memory)

  • Cloud provider

  • Region

  • Instance type

Performance & Error Monitoring

We collect data from normal package usage that helps us understand the performance and errors that are raised. This data is collected and sent to Sentry, a third-party error tracking service.

Removing Collected Data

If you would like us to remove your collected data, please contact the Runhouse team (first name at

Disabling Data Collection

To disable data collection and error tracking collection, set the environment variable DISABLE_DATA_COLLECTION to True. Alternatively, set disable_data_collection to true in your local Runhouse config (~/.rh/config.yaml), or in Python:

import runhouse as rh rh.configs.disable_data_collection()