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Runhouse Den

Everything you need for free with generous usage thresholds. Start iterating on your AI apps and services - basic collaboration and sharing included.

  • Sharing & Search
  • Observability
  • Access Control

Runhouse Den Pro ⚡️

Get the most out of Runhouse Den with premium offerings such as enhanced group features, telemetry, extended versioning limits, SSO, dedicated support, and more.

Available to early enterprise customers. Contact us to discuss and share your use case and needs.

Runhouse OSS


Runhouse Den builds on our open source software - the fastest way to iterate and deploy AI workloads on your own infra. Unobtrusive, debuggable, PyTorch-like APIs.

Everything you need
to get started with Runhouse today.


Our documentation is the best place to learn more the technical details of Runhouse and try implementing the OSS into your existing Python code.

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From Llama3 to LangChain our tutorials walk through how quickly you can deploy and iterate on an AI service. Don’t see your use case? Get in touch and we’ll add it in.

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